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Rick Jeffers - Class Of 1966

Rick Jeffers

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11/23/09 10:38 PM #1    

Rhonda Reed (Boyle) (1967)

Rick was my cousin. I always thought he was so handsome and looked like Elvis when he was blonde. I knew Rick from many, many family get togethers because his mother was my mother's best friend and first-cousin. They grew up together in Arkansas and double-dated the local farm boys. Rickie's life was sad and tragic. I still think of him playing when we were young, and then as he was in high school. I only saw him once more after graduation, at the reunion picnic, in '89 or 90'. I will always love him.

12/28/09 06:24 PM #2    

Pamela McKee (Ayala) (1966)

I remember the day Rick came to our home to visit my brother. My mother had just finished baking and icing a German Chocolate Cake. Rick told her he had never eaten a homemade cake before. Of course, my mother cut him a piece to eat right then.

The last time I saw Rick was after I had married and my husband and I had stopped to wash our car at a car wash in Riverside. Rick was there washing his motorcycle. He had told me about some of the trouble he had gotten in to. He also told me his motorcycle was going to be featured the following month in a motorcycle magazine.

Rick was always very kind to me. I'm sorry to hear he passed away.

12/29/09 01:26 PM #3    

Daniel Theobald (1966)

Rick was one of my best friends and I have wondered where he was many times! Would like to know more about his passing. Danny T'66

02/11/10 03:10 PM #4    

Jerry McKee (1966)

Rick - what a guy. Rick and I became friends in '62. Don't recall how or where we met. Alessandro Jr High? Could have been on the bus one rainy day? That would have been the only time either of us used it. Laughing!! We both bought Cushman Scooters and put many a mile on them in the Mead and making runs to Warner Ranch. I was first to have a car and we spent many a weekend night somewhere between the Jolly Kone, The Jet, A&W, or B&B Drive Inn in Riverside, or, if there was a dance in Arnold Heights we were there. Once Rick got his own car - remember it? - a Green Ford station wagon all jacked up in the back. Even ran 'cheater slicks' for a while...thanks to a friend of ours at Riverside Raceway. Anyway--Once Rick got his car and gained the independence it provided we became guys that honked and waved instead of the inseparable duo we had once been. As time passed he ended up going his way and I mine. Can't remember the last time I saw Rick? Must have been late '66 or so. I will always remember Rick as I knew him in the early choice. Rick was a special guy and liked by all back then.

If I could change anything from that time it would be to have seen you achieve all you were capable of.

RIP Buddy

03/15/10 01:59 PM #5    

Valerie Finney (Voorhis) (1967)

Rick was my first love, my high school boyfriend. We were so young, it seemed like he raised me. I was always proud that he was my steady. We got married and had two beautiful daughters. Unfortunately, he discovered drugs and kept going deeper and getting more involved until it was out of control. I left him when I found out I was pregnant with my second child. I was married to him for a total of 4 years. He was so handsome and muscular. I visited him in 1979 and he said he was too young to take the stress of married life or children. He reunited with his daughters and me by mail while he was in prison. After he got out, we never heard from him again. His sister contacted our oldest daughter when he died. He has a son by an ex-girlfriend, Ricky.

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