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We lived in dangerous times, and Marvin believed in what he was doing was right and just so he joined up to serve his country.  Many from our class would soon do the same in all branches of the service.  But when we heard of his loss so quicky in his tour, we all knew we were the ones who had lost.  His name rest aside those too who fell to this awful war, and we owe him to never forget his life.

 The Following four pictures are from Frank Johnson class of'69, they were friends from elementary school.  Frank has provided me with thes pictures of our friend Marvin...


A memory from Basic FT. Ord Sep. 3 1968


Marvin and Frank  taken just be for he left for Vietnam.

The boy of peace 4 16 1969

Locked and cocked and ready to rock -- one of the last pictures of Marvin

Note he is a PFC. (should stand for a 'Proud @#$king Civilian!)

But I for one am proud of him... Gone but not forgotten - Lest we Forget!!



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03/09/09 11:06 AM #1    

Terry Sweeney (1968)

Dear, Dear brother, you were my friend and classmate, I am proud that I had the opportunity to share with you those years gone by, you will always be loved and remembered on this site and in all of our hearts, rest in eternal sleep, Your smiling face will always be remembered.

I am sure as you look down on us, you are now at peace. We had so much fun in Mr. Grays drama class, I will never forget how you helped me get through that class at times. Actually I did not mind putting on the make-up, after I saw all the othe rguys doing it ~~ It still made me feel like a sissy!

I will always hold a special place in my heart for you!!!

03/13/09 10:59 PM #2    

Jim Hammonds (1970)

I spent two years with Marv's locker next to mine in gym class. We had many conversations, though I can't remember the nature of them. I do remember that he was always helpful to me as an underclassman in the various activities in P.E.. He was also the first Vietnam fatality who prompted a deeply personal reaction in me. Many years later, I think in 1991, I had the honor of visiting The Wall in D.C., and was able to locate him and several other friends and comrades who left their earthly life in the paddies and skies of Vietnam. None affected me as much as Marvin Miller. To a fallen "upperclassman" -- here's to you, Marv!

03/23/09 01:57 PM #3    

Suzi Erickson (Stickel) (1966)

Marvin was one of my first "crushes" when I was in elementary school. My two brothers and I, along with Frankie and Marvin, used to play "king of the wood pile" over at Frankie Johnson's house in front of the old Edgemont Elementary School when we were youngsters. I did not learn of Marvin's death for over 30+ years and was deeply saddened to hear that he died so young.

07/24/12 10:44 AM #4    

Evelyn Roux (Timblin) (1968)

I am saddened to see that Marvin is no longer with us.

He sat in front of me in sixth grade at Mr. Finnell's class at Edgemont Elementary.  I don't know why Mr. Finnell put him in front of me and Richard Veum.  We are both short.  Marvin is very tall.  Anyway, I will never forget this (ever) when all of a sudden .... he turned around to look at me and he put both his big hands around my small face and caressed it.  I was so "surprised".  That is when I realized he liked me.  He was so quiet in front of me -- never said a word.

We lost touch throughout the years.  We never communicated.

Anyway, I will never forget that day when he let me know that he really liked me.  I was new here at Sunnymead coming from Aberdeen, Maryland.  Maybe since I was so shy getting to know everyone here in California, that is what attracted me to him.

Rest in peace, dear Marvin.  You are surely missed.

Evy Timblin







11/29/12 06:14 PM #5    

Sharon O'Neal (Hunsucker) (1968)

I always remember Marv with a camera in his hand, not a gun.  A quiet guy with a big talent and so much to offer to the world.  Gone too soon.

Sharon (O'Neal) Hunsucker

11/29/12 07:01 PM #6    

Deborha Merritt (Pearlstein) (1970)

Many don't rember me but I dated Marvin for a short time just before he went off to do what he thought he had to

I will always think of him as gental man with red hair and those eyes, He always treated me with respect and if not for a friend of his and rummors may have been a longer relationship,

When i heard what had happen i cried and had moved away by the time it happened so could not come back to say goodby so say it here----GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN by this readhead!

11/30/12 07:23 AM #7    

Frank Johnson (1969)

Marvin, my buddy of almost 14 years.  It was in Kindergarten, at the Sunnymead School, I was a lost little kid away from the freedom of my home,swinging on a swing set during play time.  For some reason this kid comes up and wants to take away the swing I am on and there were other open swings.  Well he gets me out of the swing and throws me to the ground, then out of nowhere this other boy comes up and chases this kid away.  Marvin got in the swing next to me, and from that time on we were buddies for life.  The next six years we went to the brand new Edgemont School.  We played together just about every day of our lives.  Some may asked, well Marvin graduated  in 68 and I in 69.  I lost a year due to an illness.  During the time that I was ill, Marvin would come over for a few minutes after school and play his violin that he was learning.  He was getting very good.  I could tell you a thousand stories about us and the things we did but this is about Marvin  and not us.  Marvin was always happy, stronger than an ox and gentle as a lamb.

05/19/15 11:15 PM #8    

Steve Modrzejewski (1968)

Marvin,                   You were such a nice guy and great pencil artist. Your sacrifice is forever honored. 

The traveling Wall is coming to my area. I will visit you there.              Echo5 out.


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