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Mike Arnold - Class Of 1972

Mike Arnold

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10/23/09 07:13 AM #5    

Ronald Stager (1970)

Mike had the best arm in baseball and was a very good person. He will be missed.

12/15/09 03:14 PM #6    

Laurie Tanner-Barger (1972)

Mike and Family,
My thoughts and best wishes are with you, now and always. Thanks for the laughs, kindnesses and excellent sportsmanship. Ray Tanner, former principal (d. 2007), appreciated you as well. Til then, Laurie Tanner Barger

05/17/15 06:06 PM #7    

Bob Scott (1972)

Mike was a good friend since 1st grade we looked like mut and jeff him being a large guy and I was always reaching to be bigger. I miss him not being here I want to laugh together again about our childhood stories.

I have grand children now and I hope they will be as fortunate as I to have a friend like Mike that will stick with you through thick and thin.



05/18/15 09:47 AM #8    

Tena Yatroussis (1972)

To Mike's family, friends and eveyone who had the opportunity to know him.

Please accept my deepest condolences. I haven't had a consistent connection with Mike since high school. Even then we moved in different circles. One thing I do know is that Mike was a man of character and kindness. He will be missed.

06/19/15 09:14 PM #9    

Nick Buehler (1971)

I played baseball in the Moval with Mike and then later at high school in football and baseball we were teammates. Mike was a sweet natured big man and someone I wish Icould have been more like in my demeanour .My prayers and best wishes are with Mike's family

01/16/18 06:32 AM #10    

Terry Mann (1971)

Mike and I were teamates. I considered Mike a friend. Mike @ Left Tackle, me @ Left Guard, & Bob Starling @ Center, were the O-Line force behind the '69 Vikings. Not to diminish the contributions of the Marks Brooks & Badgley, on the strong side. 27 Dive was the bread & butter play, & 36 Dive that year, because of the presence of Reggie Miller @ FB. For 3 months of practices & Friday night games, Mike & I formed a bond through close communication,defined responsibilities, & mutual goals. Teammates, Teamwork, bonds that endure. Mike was a BIG man, soft spoken, smart,& nice. I haven't seen Mike since the Reunion Bash in 1988, Mike was sporting a big Mustache' & a smile, I will remember him that way. Belated condolences to Mike's family. The good do die young.

01/19/18 02:43 PM #11    

Patty Hair (Bearden) (1972)

How we miss you Mike.  I don't remember when I didn't know you.  We were so fortunate to grow up with such great friends from kindergarten so it makes it especially difficult to say good-bye to a life long friend.  I remember our days at Sunnymead Elementary well.  We had the greatest playground and we took full advantage of it.  We were all either chasing each other, playing on the playground equipment or playing the current seasonal sport but we were always running and always active.  Mike and Bobby Scott were the best of friends and the fastest runners.  I remember groups of us setting up races all the time.  I only beat Mike once in a race, by some quirk of fate, and he wasn't very happy about it.  He made sure I never did it again! smiley

  Mike got me in trouble in fifth grade in Mr. Cable's class.  He passed me a note during a class movie that said he liked me or something close to that.  I sent a note back and when he read it he let out this loud "whoop" which made everyone turn around and look at him.  Mr. Cable then took the note, read it and told us both to stay after class. We were both horrified.  The note was very innocent but Mr. Cable seemed to think we'd committed some serious crime.  

We made it to junior high and Mike just kept growing.  He was all the coaches dream because he excelled at several sports and he carried that into high school.  Mike was involved in so many things and you saw him everywhere but what I remember the most about Mike is his heart of gold.  He was truly a gentle giant who cared about everyone.  He always protected me, stood up for me and was always my champion.  If you were Mike's friend you knew he had your back.  Mike was so good about staying in contact with so many of us. We had several long phone conversations throughout the years and each phone call left you feeling like you were the most important person in his life.  He called me from the hospital to let me know that he was ill.  We made arrangements that I would come to see him that weekend but he passed before I could get there.  That is one of my greatest regrets.  You were and are much loved Mike.  You were an angel that walked among us.  I miss you but I know I'll see you again and when I do I want to hear a really loud "whoop"!  Rest in peace my friend, until we meet again.heart

01/20/18 05:00 PM #12    

Clifton Ware (1972)

Unfortunately I was never as close to Mike as most of you posting on his page. We went to different elementary schools and only crossed paths in Little League until Junior High. He was such an imposing pitcher in Little League as he was about 5' 10" already and threw sidearm. I hated facing him and I'm sure my eyes were closed the couple of times I was lucky enough to get on base.

He was genuinely a nice guy to everyone and one of the best athletes in our class. Basketball, football, baseball - it didn't matter as he was good at everything. Sincere condolences to his family and close friends as I'm sure there's a hole in your lifes that's empty right now. Hopefully the wonderful memories of such a fine man will ease the pain and provide some comfort.

Sincerely, CJ

01/22/18 01:11 PM #13    

Robin Bell (Copeland) (1972)

This is such sad news. I knew Mike since grade school.  A nicer guy you could not find.  RIP Mike!

01/22/18 08:10 PM #14    

Leonard Therrien (1972)

I was a late comer to MVHS transferring in at the beginning of my Junior year from Germany so my connection to many graduates of 1972 was not as tight as those who grew up in MV.

Wasn't able to try out for Varisty FB so it wasn't until my Senior year that I made the team and spent a whole season playing Tight End next to Mike where he played Right Tackle.  I was the smallest Tight End in the League and Mike was the biggest Right Tackle I had ever seen! I loved double teaming on blocks with him since he did all the work! He really made a teammate feel special and that was a memorable season of football for me. Just a all around gentle guy who made everyone feel special. Miss you big guy!

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