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Mr. James Danielson

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07/07/09 07:48 PM #4    

Stephanie Deacon (DuBois) (1970)

Mr. Danielson .. my goodness.. how to say all the things that come to mind. You opened up my ability to draw and paint and I have done some amazing things with that talent during all these years. I am sure you are painting the clouds as we speak. Right on, Jim!

11/29/09 04:51 PM #5    

Jim Gunter (1968)

I have been teaching art for the past 38 years because of Jim Danielson. I had been at Moreno Valley for only a short time when he asked what I had planned to do in college. I didn't really know and he said why not think about art. I told my Dad, and if ya'll remember he was the Wing commander at the time and he said,"Boy, I am not going to support you the rest of my life, why not think about teaching". He sent me to Auburn University in July 1968 as an Art Education Major. B.S. Art Education 1972, M.A.E. Southern Mississippi 1979. My art students are all over the world as architects, artist, art educators, graphic designers and many othr worthy careers because of Jim Danielson. Thanks!!!!!!!

01/05/10 03:37 PM #6    

Conni Rae-Yoe (Stephenson) (1970)

I was so sad to hear of Jim Danielson's passing. He no doubt has been an inspiration to me over the years.
Fortunately, I kept in touch with Mr. Danielson as late as the early 2000's with Christmas cards.
I'm grateful that I was able to compliment him in my very last correspondence with him for having had such an inpact on my life in both Interior Design and portrait painting.

May the world be blessed with more people like Jim Danielson. May he rest in peace.

01/22/10 08:44 PM #7    

William Belvel (1978)

Im sorry to hear of his passng. Speechless. He taught Leather shop & was one of the coolest teachers ever. Very down to earth person. RIP

07/05/10 08:31 PM #8    

Julie Patterson (Curry) (1975)

I went to see Jim about a year or two before he got sick and it only took a heartbeat of time for him to remember me. He remembered everything not only about me but my brother Mike too. He was so happy to hear I was still doing some art and sharing the gift he gave me with children. He truly inspired me to do better. I remember him critiquing a work I had do and I thought he was being harsh. I asked why he was so hard on me and he said cause you can. That said volumes to me. I miss him.

08/18/10 06:24 PM #9    

Alex Baldaray (1971)

I too am sadden of his passing.  I have fond memories of him and can recall one time where I was sitting and was just staring at my painting.  He came over and asked me if I wanted to shoot some hoops.  The courts were just behind the art room.  We did for a bit.  I'll never forget that and other moments how encouraging and patient he was. 

09/17/10 01:21 PM #10    

Andrea Hulsey (Russell) (1981)

This is a sad moment.  I took him for Leather shop my jr and sr years.  I still remember painting my first bota bag, my first leather pouch.  He was awesome and so carefree!!  He will be missed.

06/27/11 06:52 PM #11    

Ron Beauchemin (1979)

I only heard by accident about Jim's passing while reading a comment left on facebook and it just left me with a profound sadness. I had so many great memories involving Mr. Danielson.

I can even remember once he tried to console me when I was going through a traumatic experience with my girlfriend's (future first wife) family. And years later, I happened to bump into him while waiting for the Ren Faire to open up where he told me of his daughter modeling in Europe.

I can't even begin to put into words how much he left an indelible mark on me not only in art, but on a personal level as well. There is and was no one else quite like Mr. Danielson. 

He is deeply missed.

07/01/12 01:03 PM #12    

Zelda Ida Zuniga (1976)

      I never kept in touch with Mr Danielson, probably just too shy, but he started a leather hobby of mine that I still do to this day.  I even sell it now and wish I learned more from him.  I was never able to convey to him how much he effected me.  He was such a great teacher and a wonderful reiterate; he too, made a change in me every teacher strives for and was the coolest teacher to boot!  To a wonderful teacher that gave his gift and lives on in so many of us......

07/13/12 08:15 PM #13    

Mike Patterson (1980)

I still can't believe Jim danielson has passed, as all of you have said he left us all with a great experience that changed and stay with us all through our lives.(it doesn't getting any better then that). I was in mr. Danielsons art class and leather all 4years at mo a result of his influence I became an art teacher in Moreno valley at canyon springs high school and still am today. I remember driving with Jim to joes taxidermy to get buck skins for a project I was making, we had a great time. I simply would not be teaching if it were not for mr. Danielson. Great person! Will be missed !

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