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Coach Dick Johnson

Coach Dick Johnson

As reported thru email by his son Brett Johnson (MVHS Class79), was a recent update that his father James Richard Johnson had passed away on January 20th, 2019.

“Coach” Dick Johnson as he was better known as on the MVHS campus, was a long time faculty member and outstanding Varsity Football Coach too. Anyone who knew Coach Johnson or played football under his leadership would have to admit he always held their best interest at heart both on and off the field.

R.I.P. Coach Johnson

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01/28/19 09:46 AM #2    

J. C. Mills (1973)

Coach Johnson was an outstanding individual as well as a great Coach.  He really knew how to interact with students as well as the faculty.  Had such a great time having him as my Driver's Ed Teacher on the road.  Loved the side trips he had us do to other High Schools to pick the game films of that school.  Always will remember him as a kind soul and willl be greatly missed.  RIP Coach

01/28/19 09:51 AM #3    

Candy Sandwell (Powell) (1972)

Coach was always nice and always had a smile. He was a dedicated football coach. He was a kind and caring person. Always treated you with respect. R.I.P.Coach. you will be missed.🏈🏈🏈

01/28/19 10:23 AM #4    

Paul Breitkreuz (1966)

I can't say that I knew Coach Johnson personally but I did know him by face and of course his name. I think he might have started teaching at MVHS just as I was in my last year at MVHS.

Both of my younger brothers, Tom & Fred, always had positive kind words about him during various conversations we had about the school overall. It was sad to have received the update from his son Brett.

My thoughts go out to the entire Johnson family with my sincere condolences. Coach Johnson was well liked by many folks.

01/28/19 12:32 PM #5    

Albert "Nick" Martorano (1975)

Wow!  So Sad to hear about Coach Johnson.  I was just thinking about him and playing football with him as our coach!  I am Proud to have played for him and to have known him.

Rest In Peace Coach Johnson.

Nick Martorano

01/28/19 02:09 PM #6    

Nick Buehler (1971)

I played for Coach Johnson when he coached J.V. baseball, his hat throw and kick to get off the ground and back in his hand were still amazing to me. 

I lived my senior year across the street with coach Pereira who had been kind enough to take me in, and was privy to some of the wild early days of Coach Johnson's youth.His being able to forgive an angry kid from a dysfunctional family when I quit in a fit of rage. I owe my future years of success in football to Coach Johnson's willingness to forgive my personal outburst. I learned to appreciate even more his coaching talent in my 30 plus years of coaching high school and was even able to get the whistle thunk on the helmet down. 

I am sorry to hear of his passing and my family's prayers are with his family, I will never forget the 1970 season with a great win over Hemet and the first San Andreas League title. Johnson , Hunt, and Pereira and a bunch of us kids from the MoVal who were fortunate enough to stay together as a team for four years.


01/29/19 01:31 PM #7    

Brett Johnson (Johnson) (1979)

Thank you for those kind comments.  I did find a few cannisters of game film from the early 70's, including the CIF game against Barstow, if anyone is interested.

01/29/19 04:00 PM #8    

Robert Howell (Howell) (1969)

Coach Johnson was a down to earth good guy.  He was a great coach and a good man, especially when Kerry Gibbs suffered his life changing injury.  He tried to keep our spirits up, but it was a tough time for the whole football team.  Later on he also became good friends with my Aunt Flo and for that I say thanks!  She was going thru a rough time and he was there as a friend.  You'll be missed coach.

01/30/19 04:05 AM #9    

Doug Parisek (1969)

Coach Johnson was a great teacher & coach.  My freshman year, every single morning as I walked to school along Cottonwood Ave from Edgemont he would see me and pull over in his wood panelled stationwagon and give me a ride the rest of the way.  Our conversations in the car were mostly him encouraging me to play football - since I wasn't playing that season (1965).  He'd park his car at school then a couple minutes later I was sitting in his first period science class.  He had a knack at making science interesting by telling stories that related to the topic he was teaching.  I took his advice and played football the following years and was fortunate that he was one of my coaches.  It was he who taught me the techniques of blocking and hitting the sled. I remember he would bring his little boy (Brett) to help manage the equipment shack during practices after school (or maybe it was during those 2 weeks of conditioning before the school year started).  He also made a pitcher out of me on the JV baseball team sophomore year.  I had always been an infielder but that one year I had the fun of being a pitcher with him as my coach,  Those were good times.  I'm saddened to hear of his passing.  --Doug


02/01/19 08:08 AM #10    

Terry Mann (1971)

I am sorry to hear of "coach" passing. He was a good role model, as an educator and coach. He was Dept. Chairman of the Science Wing, and my instructor for Chemistry and I was the Teacher Asst. in my senior year. My biggest project was drawing and mimographing the Vikings football playbook for spring ball and the '71 season. Coach had been an offensive guard in his playing days in OK, something we could relate on. I remember his stories of running "drip" in his old flathead engine to get around. I believe it was Diesel fuel and a bi-product of making Gasoline, they used to just run it out on the ground. Coach lived down the street from me, and I remember when the sewers went in Warner Ranch II, I was one of the guys enlisted to trench his sewerline. I last saw coach in '72, Dan Rollins and I were on a road trip to TX, after our freshman years in college. I had driven all night from ID in my VW minibus, the guys wouldn't let me catch a nap, we went MVHS and to visit the Coach. Good Man, big loss. P.S. I hope I didn't cause Coach to much grief with my Slacking.     A Gifted Slacker- Terry Mann


02/11/19 02:04 PM #11    

Jan Grimm (Cannon) (1974)

I didn't have Coach Johnson as a coach, but he taught me to drive with the patience my parents never seemed to master. I think of him every time I enter the freeway, and remember his admonition "Don't look at oncoming traffic or the car next to you, or you'll drive right into them!" He was so right! I also had him as a science teacher. He seemed so intimidating, but he really wasn't. I'm very sorry to hear of his passing. 

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