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Yes! Attending Reunion
Class Year: 1976
Residing In: Baku Azerbaijan
Spouse/Partner: Yulia
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Occupation: Teacher
Children: Six! No, it can't be...that's a lot of kids. Yes, it is. I started young and ended late. Christine, More…1977; Lisa, 1979; DeeDee, 1981; David, 1982-2013; Masha, 2003; Vanya, 2004. I can say without hesitation my children have been the best blessing in my life...I should have had six more!

As I look over those we have lost, I am reminded that although we may average 70 or so years, not everyone gets to that point. The days we have are few, and the moments are precious. Hopefully, we spend them well.

School Story:

I have many stories, and I have put a lot on my Facebook page. I will try to gather them together into one spot.

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Jim Hammer has left an In Memory comment for Llewellyn Roux.
Feb 28, 2021 at 1:43 AM

Lew was on the Viking Voyager staff when I was editing, and he is listed as the Exchange Editor, though I must confess I no longer recall what we were exchanging. I think Lew expressed an interest in writing in the future, and he was always steady with his contributions.
We only came out monthly, but in an effort to be current, we tried to get the latest sports scores in the headlines. I remember one time Lew was assigned a story he just couldn't do...either he couldn't make it to the game, or he wasn't going to be around to submit the article.
So, prior to the game, he handed me something like this: "The Moreno Valley Vikings WON / LOST today by a score of _______. Both teams played well, and It was an exciting game. Afterward, the coaches said they were PLEASED / DISAPPOINTED with the result."
Lew's effort was much longer than mine and seemed to cover every fact and emotion possible. I had it in my hand trying to figure out how he wrote the story before the game when Lew took me through the finer points.
"Circle the correct word here, fill in the score there, and..."
"No, no, no, Lew! " I said, in my best Ed Asner impression, "We can't write the story before it happens!"
"Why not?" asked Lew, smiling.
Yes, yes, why not? I don't remember, but I think we ended up using Lew's Moreno Valley Mad Libs. It kind of makes you wonder...Can you always write the stories before they happen?
After we graduated, I used to occasionally see Lew at Coach Logan's KLUB or at the football games. But somewhere along the way, about 40 years ago, I saw him for the last time.
I don't know if he married or had kids. I don't know if he was happy or sad. But I will assume... Lew circled all the right words and filled in the blanks with all the best smiles.
Goodbye, Lew.

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Jim Hammer has left an In Memory comment for Joy Schuh Long.
Nov 19, 2017 at 1:34 AM

Joy Schuh and I went to high school together. We were both in drama and madrigals. Joy was incredibly gifted and a hard worker...she was the only student in the class of 1975 who managed straight "A's" for four years, and she was awarded the valedictorian speech at the graduation ceremony.

I don't know what great plans Joy had. We never discussed anything post-college. I do remember that when we walked around the campus, the counselors and administrators would stop their work and come over to chat with her.

I was a bit surprised when I googled her a few years back to see that she had become a primary teacher of grade 2, and in addition to keeping up with her daily lessons, she produced musicals for her school.

Joy had an incredibly strong soprano voice with stage-like projection. She was a soloist in Dennis Fast’s Madrigals, and starred as the Baroness Elsa Schraeder in Karen Daniel's production of the Sound of Music. She also played the flute and sat first chair in Caesar Ricci's band.

I lost track of Joy after high school. I tried to reconnect, but she wasn't on Facebook, and I was uncertain about sending an email to her workplace ... it had been 40 years since the Junior/Senior prom.

She was beautiful that night...She was talented, intelligent, and I felt very out-classed. That year the prom went on a harbor cruise. I remember feeling awkward and clumsy and at a loss for words...

I always assumed we would meet again one day, maybe at one of those drama reunions, and we would talk about those funny old times, and sum up our lives since then, and I hoped to hear that her life was full of happiness and ... joy.

Jim Hammer has left an In Memory comment for Coach Harry Crosthwaite.
Feb 19, 2016 at 9:33 AM

Mr. Crosthwaite was my journalism teacher from 1973-1976.  He was kind and patient, but he expected excellence...which must have been difficult for him, since we were seldom striving for it.  I believe he had lost his son shortly before he resumed doing the yearbook and school newspaper...perhaps that was why he could be so patient with us...hoping we would live, and grow into more responsible adults.  I hope he enjoyed teaching us.  I don't think I showed much appreciation, but whenever I think of high school, he is always there...present in my memories...still teaching me.