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Rudy Olivares - Class Of 1966

As reported to me by Tom Chelbana, ('66) Our friend and classmate has passed, he has returned in spirit to walk the 'Halls of Valhalla' along the many who have oroceeded him. He is back to a time of innocense (well maybe not all that innocent but the statute of limitations has run out on some of the HS pranks he was involved with.) He well remembered by the Class of 1966 and will be long remembered on this website. I was informed he joined the Army and became a Ranger in 75th Battalion. I learned from JC Martin that Rudy also became a Green Beretin Special Forces. Knowing of Rudy from HS this would be fitting as he was always a nice guy with a friendlier smile. From a quote on his Facebook page, "Rudy tried to teach those he met and know things to improve their life, that is if they would listen." I remember Rudy from the days we played football and trained with Coach Tarkanian... I think the Varsity used the Junior Varsity as Tackling dummies as I remember being put down on the ground often. I added these pictres from his FB page. So take the time to read and leave a sentiment of your appreciation to call him friend.



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02/28/17 07:42 AM #2    

Paul Breitkreuz (1966)

I did not know Rudy very well in school but I was aware of his football prowess and also a bit about his later military history as well.

I recall talking to Rudy at various parties during our school days and also at a time when we met by chance during our military days. I was home on leave and I think as I remember Rudy might have completed his military service by then. We met in a local pool hall and spent some time shooting pool and doing some recollection of friends and school days that evening. Oddly, one thing that stuck with me all these years later was seeing him mounting his 350 Honda road motorcycle and riding away that evening. Sadly, that was the last time I ever saw Rudy.

Although I had contact information for Rudy that JC Martin had provided me during our Class of 66 50th Reunion campaign he never responded to any of the messages at that time and I have no idea if he was having health issues then or why he never made the 50th reunion.

To all that knew Rudy this was a sad update we've received and wish the best for his friends and any of his family members.

EDIT: I wanted to add one item that I'd forgotten to mention here about Rudy, it was his always present & infectious smile. He had the biggest grin that could not be left out of any recall about him for me personally.

02/28/17 08:59 AM #3    

Nate Musliner (1966)

Very sad this morning to read that Rudy has pasted. He was a great friend and a big influence on my school days at Moreno.
Best dressed, always with a party attitude. He definitely one of the best athletes on our teams.
Football, baseball, and wrestling.
He spent some time with us after graduation before he left for Vietnam. I really never saw Rudy (Big O) after that, I did talk to him a couple of times on the phone in recent years. I certainly wish that I could have met up with him and talked about old times. I am sure that JC and Rick Stokes remember times in that
64 Chevy station wagon of his folks going to Crestline.
Rudy will be missed, GODS speed buddy.

02/28/17 10:08 AM #4    

Royce Goodwin (1966)

I only knew Rudy through Football, and he was a heard hitting very good football player. I respected his ability to play the game. I do remember him as a well dressed student, but wild. He had one of those personalitys that made you like him. He seemed to get along with everyone. 

Royce Goodwin

02/28/17 11:19 AM #5    

J. C. Martin (1966)

Rudy was voted the Most Popular Boy student at Moreno Valley in the Class of 1966.  My wife, Betty, was voted the Most Popuar Girl and the Homecoming Queen.  We had a ball with Rudy seeing the Rolling Stones in May, 2015....but it was the same old crazy, fun Rudy who could have gotten us in trouble if Betty wasn't there.

03/01/17 09:59 AM #6    

Steve Coonan (1966)

Rudy and I hung out together at RCC after high school where I got to know him much better than high school.  Since Rudy was not big on academics, I got him a construction job that also didn't last.  But one day he just disappeared into the military and poof! I never saw him again!  He sure could drink beer though. One night while driving home from an outdoor party in R'side, he rolled down his window as I was crossing on the 60 overpass, he through the entire case of empties down on the 91 freeway below. Laughed like it was the funniest thing that he ever did!  I'll never forget NOT getting thrown in jail that night. I am glad he went into the military beause the classroom scene was not for him.  Does anybody know what he did with his life from getting out of the army until now?  I'd love to know.  email me at  All the best, Steve


03/01/17 08:20 PM #7    

Steve Kaufmann (1966)

It's always sad to hear of a fellow class mate passing and even sadder to hear of what the war can do to forever change lives. Rudy was one of those lives, and sometimes we have to ask ourselves, what would that life had been if we had different situations. I pray Rudy's family is now at peace and also Rudy.

03/02/17 07:29 AM #8    

Tom Chelbana (1966)

When I moved back to Moreno Valley in Sept. of 63 Rudy lived 2 houses from us in Arnold Heights and was one of the first friends I made. JC lived a couple houses over from Rudy and they were some of my best friends when living in Arnold Heights and during HS. Also worked with them at MAFB Commissary  during HS and after HS so Rudy was someone who I can say is good friend that we will miss. Those of us who were friends of Rudy can say he was one of kind and MVHS class of 66 will remember him.  Tom Chelbana

03/02/17 03:50 PM #9    

Terry Sweeney (1968)

Rudy O, is how I remember Rudy, I was fortunate to play on the junior varsity football team, got know most of the guys growing up in the "Val," I would sneak out and go down to play on the fields at 'ol Allsandro. I was never really any good but these guys would let me play basketball, football or baseball if they needed an extra man...   I think that was the number one reason these guys looked out for me and kept me from being dumped in the trash cans...

But I would see Rudy as a well dressed man with a grin from ear to ear like a Chelser cat. He was always popular and welcomed in the crowds of most popular kids at HS. I would hear them talk of the 'Hill Parties' and going surfing or their motorcycles or their cars. I looked up to all these guys as role models that I wanted to be like. 

As long as I keep this site up Rudy and all the others who have passed will be remembered and they will return to walk the 'Halls of Valhalla' untill we join them back to the times of our youth, when the sun was warm on our backs.


03/02/17 07:31 PM #10    

Jean Wyatt (Sullivan) (1966)

Thank you for sharing part of Rudy's amazing life. The pictures spoke 1,000 words. Rest In Peace Rudy

03/04/17 10:19 AM #11    

Mark Moberg (1966)

Thanks Tom for posting those pics of Rudy.

As a Vet myself I took notice of the picture from Vietnam. It read 75th Inf. LRRP Ranger. During Rudy service time there were NO better trained troops than those of the 75th Inf., Ranger, LRRP. A TRUE WARRIOR.

It did not surprise me at all  when I learned Rudy went all out in Vietnam. Full bore as we used to say.

I made contact with a guy who writes about the 75th Inf. to notify anyone who may have known Rudy during his service years.



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