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Terry Sweeney - Class Of 1968

Terry Sweeney

The recent death of Terry on Jan. 19th was a total shock to so many who have known and interfaced with him since his early days in high school and most recently through this website. His friendship and site support will be a great loss to everyone who visits this site and uses it for the purpose Terry so thoughtfully designed it for.

Many who have used this site to remain in contact with our classmates over the years no doubt realize that Terry was the developer, creator and was the key maintainer of its support needs for numerous years in the past.  

It began as a college project for him that became a place for all MVHS grads to remain in contact with others as well as plan numerous class reunions through. The site has been an invaluable tool for many of us who used the site to plan, setup, and contact others for those reunions. Without Terry’s initial development and overall support these gatherings would have been more cumbersome & lacking at best.  

For all that you did for all of us Terry thank you whole heartedly and we wish you a safe journey to your final resting place for all the MVHS Vikings in Valhalla.  

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01/25/19 07:23 AM #7    

Jim Bartlett (1968)

To Terry's son Sean. You should be very proud of your father. He was a great guy. I knew Terry in high school but not well. I came to know him much better over the past couple of years due to our lunches with the Breitkreuz brothers. He was a man of honor and commitment. He served our country and was dedicated to keeping his fellow Vikings classmates connected over the years. We will feel his loss but will be assured that he's planning the next super reunion for when the rest of us come to join him. God bless you, Terry and rest in peace.

01/25/19 09:24 AM #8    

Marian Younger (1974)

Thank you, Terry, for your selfless dedication to all of us at MVHS. I graduated in 1974 and did not know you except through your efforts in maintaining this site for us. You are a good man leaving behind a wonderful legacy and contribution. I admire and acknowledge you for that.

01/26/19 10:44 AM #9    

Wendy Julian (Webb) (1967)

Thank you, Paul, for keeping us up to date.  Terry's shoes are hard to fill, but your efforts are greatly appreciated.  We will all miss you, Terry.  RIP, brother.


01/26/19 11:48 AM #10    

Tom Breitkreuz (1968)

It was extremely difficult to grasp that Terry had passed away.  We had just recently had a very successful reunion and Terry, was as usual, a tremendous leader in making sure the entire event came together and everyone enjoy themselves.  The school website that Terry created was instrumental in keeping classmates in touch with each other and allowed us to share life stories and grieve when a classmates passed.

Terry believed in people and always spoke with great kindness about how people from his school years which had made a lasting impact on him and how he treasured the memories for friends going all the way back to elementary school.  But of all his school years, his memories of the friendship he made it high school were by far the closest that he treasured.  The creation of the website is testimony to that strong desire to remain in contact with what he considered his lifelong friends.

Terry and I butted heads on several occasions about different things and the coordination of the reunion was no exception.  However, we always were able to work through those issues and get back to a point were the existing friendship meant more than the differences between us.

He will be missed and as we posted in the notice on the website, the most important thing that can be said about Terry and his dedication to life was….”he made a difference”.

Tom Breitkreuz

01/26/19 08:00 PM #11    

Lorena Neal (Price) (1966)

Terry is going to be missed. He was so helpful when I first joined his site. I didn't really know him but was in the same class as his sister 1966. RIP Terry.

01/27/19 02:45 PM #12    

Linda Martinez (Holland) (1971)

My sincere  sympathy to Terry's family and friends.  I did not know Terry personally, but was sad to hear of his passing.  I admired him for his dedication to creating and serving this MVHS website.  I have enjoyed being able to share memories and contact fellow classmates.   I admire his honor also in his service to his country.    He was indeed a proud and honorable man.   Rest in Peace, and God Bless you Terry.  

Linda Martinez Holland

01/28/19 10:08 AM #13    

Candy Sandwell (Powell) (1972)

R.I.P.Terry. our families grew up together across the street from each other and we always had fun going to salt and sea. We are always be family no matter what. You will be missed my friend.

01/29/19 11:57 AM #14    

Pamela Meyer (Powers) (1968)

Thank you Terry for your great gift of love and time for all of us. You gave so much with an open heart. You will long be remembered.

01/29/19 06:47 PM #15    

Linda Lomeli (Vigil) (1968)

So shocked and saddened to hear about Terry.   I will remember our last conversation we had over the phone when I spoke to Terry  about the reasons I would not be able to attend our last reunion.  His kindness to me and his prayers for my son were and are much appreciated. To Terry's son, all I can say is that your dad had a heart of gold.  He loved people and he was selfless.  You can't take on a job as big as this (MV Classmates) without a passion for friends (past, present, and the future).  The connection made to each other was the impact Terry had an instrumental hand in. Anyone working with human resources, data input, web design and etc., know the hours it takes to accomplish a successful project.  We were kind of his project but held together with his heart strings of friendships.  Guess the best we can do is try to pay it forward and stay connected in our own ways.  Much respect and prayers for the family.  May Jesus give you comfort and peace during this difficult time.

02/10/19 07:51 AM #16    

Harold (Guy) Garfinkel (1967)

Like many other Moreno Valley Allums, Terry stepped up when called upon to serve this Country.  Two of our Allums gave it all in Viet Nam.  Those of us who were fortunate enough to return home brought other issues with us.  However, Terry saw through all of that and continued to serve.  This WEB Site is an example of what Terry has accomplished in his life.  He has touched a lot of people.  So, as we say good-bye to another Brother-In-Arms and a solid citizen.  Peace be with you.  We will all someday meet at the big class reunion in Valhalla.  Until then.....

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