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Dear, Dear brother Frank, you were my friend and classmate, I am proud that I had the opportunity to share with you those years gone by, you will always be loved and remembered on this site and in all of our hearts, rest in eternal sleep, Your smiling face will always be remembered.

No longer with us in body, but never forgotten in spirit, death can show us the way, for when we know and understand completely that our time on this Earth is limited, and that we have no way of knowing when it will be over, then we must live each day as if it were the only one we had.
Life is so fragile. EVERY DAY IS A GIFT . . . Remember, It is not how we die that is our legacy, but how we lived the Life we were given.Please post a note of remembrance for those who live on in our hearts and memories.
Thank you.
 "To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die."   Thomas Campbell

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03/09/09 11:01 AM #1    

Terry Sweeney (1968)

Dear, Dear brother, you were my friend and classmate, I am proud that I had the opportunity to share with you those years gone by, you will always be loved and remembered on this site and in all of our hearts, rest in eternal sleep, your smiling face will always be remembered.

10/01/09 09:16 AM #2    

Carrie Beard (1970)

I was so very sad to hear Frank is no longer with us. I will always treasure the time we spent together. Frank, you were one of a kind and a very special man. My sincerest thoughts and prayers go to your family.

07/17/10 08:30 PM #3    

Nancy Harrison (Williams) (1971)

This little blurb has taken me several years to write because I miss Frank still so much and I do not feel I could do justice for him in writing about our short time together.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss Frank and wish I could once again hear his reassuring voice.  We got to know each other too late in our life's and I regret not joining him on more of the different adventures that he wanted to go on. We had a wonderful trip to France and Monaco to see the Grand Prix in first class style which was the only way Frank would travel.   But then I took him on my style of traveling; he thought I had kidnapped him and he would never see a civilization or a human face again (except mine). I loaded him up in my Volkswagon Vanagon and took on the Old Spanish Trail [a road but it really is a trail most of the time in the desert] from Las Vegas NV. to Littlefield AZ. and 4 days later finally ending in Silver Reef, UT. He said his back would never be the same from lifting and moving the boulders off of the very slight road that was suppose to be the trail the Old Pioneers took to get to the West.  He made the road so the Van could keep going.  It took Frank 2 months to be able to laugh and say what a great time he had.  He actually admitted he was a little scarred at the thought of being lost in the Mojave Desert.  He felt safer on the ocean in this sailboat.  I so wish I would have taken the time from my everyday life to spend more time with him. 

I spoke to Frank the night before he died.  We would talk most evenings about what our days had incurred.  It was fun and exciting our two so different life styles.  He was in Northern California sailing and working on a new patton with his partner, and I was in Southern Utah running Hurricane Animal Hospital and Boarding and planning a subdivision in Tropic Utah (right outside Bryce Canyon National Park).  It was a great long distance relationship.  The last time I spoke to him was the night before he died. He said he thought he had pulled a muscle in his back and leg.  He had gone dancing so I kidded him about his dips with wild women.  He loved to dance.  He laughed and I suggested he take some ASP/Ibruprophen etc. and a heating pad to help the pain.  He said he didn't have any but would call Dave and Sheila some Northern CA friends and ask if they had something for the pain.  He said he would call me in the morning and let me know how he was doing.  The next morning he called Dave and Sheila and before they could arrive with the heating pad; Frank had gotten out of bed where he had been for 2 days and had taken a shower. His friends found him in the bathroom on the floor.  They tried to bring him back but he had already left this world for his adventure; in the next world.  Sheila phoned me from his home and then from the hospital...this news was unbearable.  He was not expecting to die.  He had no indication he was going to die or he even had a problem.  He just passed his annual physical.  How could this happen?  But at the hospital they pronounced him dead and they found he died from an aorta aneuism.  Frank was not ready to die... but was taken too early from this life and his many friends, MVHS family, his family, many many other friends throughout the US. His body was donated for medical use and the rest was cremated. He died on September 11th.

I would like to say that Frank was brilliant, a perfectionist, entertaining, loving and totally unpredicable.  He loved his friends from MVHS as much as his family.  I still flash on the many times he would surprise me with a visit: when my door bell rings and I'm not expecting anyone... I sometime flash back that it might be Frank...  Oh I so wish... I know I will see and be with him again.  Our time was short on this earth but what memories. I can not tell you how much I miss him. Nano


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