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03/13/09 12:03 PM #24    

Kathy Hammonds (Larsen) (1967)

Aloha to all attending the Shakey's Event tonight. I wish I could be there to see you and catch up with you. I will be thinking of you all and remembering all those evenings at Shakey's after the games.

03/14/09 05:10 PM #25    


Mark Brooks (1970)

So????? How did the get together at Shakey's go????? Outofstaters are wondering doncha know????

mark 70

03/16/09 06:37 AM #26    

Ken Leep (1969)

Hello Mark and all,

There were about 50+ with most being from 67-68. But there were some from at least each of the other years up to about 75. It was great to catch up since the last reunion. We are missing a few more, but some faces that I have not seen at previous get togethers did show up like ghosts from the past.

It would be good to do this as an annual event even if it is not a grand reunion. Terry has done a great job at developing this site and keeping us connected. And, I visited with my brother Sunday but he was not able to make it on Friday.

In talking with Ernie we agreed that even though some of the 70s group are not that well known by the 60s group we did know the siblings. If this happens again I would encourage more of the 70s alumni to attend. Next time if we have the same venue perhaps Harold can reserve the entire back room.

Richie (Mouse) did not formally attend as he was cooking but during one of his breaks we sat down and talked. It was good to see Bobby Lomeli again as he attended a like event that I hosted over ten years ago. And, that seems just like yesterday. His sister Linda had to call and drag him in but he did show up.

After Bobby showed up I did not get to visit with him much as he ended up spending a lot of time chatting with others, especially Terry Hale. One face from the past did show up that I envied during my days at Warner Ranch for his hot cars. That was Larry Lamberson but he did not have that hot rod chevy.

Anyway, it was great, and I am surprised more have not posted. Perhaps they are still sleeping off those bottles of wine that were handed out.

Take care all,


03/16/09 02:10 PM #27    

Kathy Hammonds (Larsen) (1967)

I love the pictures.......I am sorry to say that without the names that Terry posted I would have had an almost impossible time figuring out who you all were. I decided to post pictures of me and my family on my profile since I am sure you would all have trouble recognizing me. Has is been that long? It seems impossible.
Aloha, Kathy

03/16/09 03:02 PM #28    

Sandra Lomax (Schlemmer) (1970)

So sorry that we were out of town and unable to attend the get together... It looks like everyone had a good time, and I think informal "doings" like this are nice... I have been trying to get in touch with people I know to go to the site and set up a profile... one of those, "you tell two people, and they tell two people... and so on and so on"... even if they are busy, and can't spend much time... it would be nice to know where people ended up.

Terry, thank you so much for your time and effort... it shows on the website, and I am sure the more that stop in, the better it will become. Take care all and be well. Sandi (Lomax) Schlemmer

03/21/09 12:53 AM #29    

Deborha Merritt (Pearlstein) (1970)

one of the best high school web sites i have seen
But i was taken back on In Memory page i dated Marven for a short time just before he left and didn't know he never came back. I had to move shortly there after and lost touch
sort of bitter sweet to have that chapter closed.
I still have a few friends i talk to or at least been touch with form there one and most important is Terri Adams(mabie)
I have talk to David Stone but don't know his e-mail I do know he lives in CA still but his older brother lives her in Idaho the last i heard
Anyway great job on the web site!!!!

03/26/09 09:20 PM #30    

Paul Wilson (1966)

Terry, I hate to repeat what so many have said here but this website is absolutely great.

I am so moved that I would like to make a proposal to the Moreno Valley "gang"...........I plan to make a donation so that you are able to maintain the site and help to cover expenses. I would like to challenge each of the class years to begin communicating with each other to see who can contribute the most............Sounds like fun to me.

I would also like to set a timeline for this so why don't we say June 1, 2009 at midnight. Game is on folks so get started, make contact with as many of your fellow classmates as you can, get them to contribute whatever they can and let's see what happens.

I would bet that Terry has put more of his own funds into this than any of us could ever imagine and I also believe it is time to help him out.

What do you say? Yes or No

03/27/09 07:03 PM #31    

Carolyn Albert (Edwards) (1966)

Terry.....I just read the message and suggestion from Paul. I think it is a wonderful idea. My check is ready and will be in the mail asap as I hear where who, etc.

I didn't hear abut the fortieth reunion. Would have loved to have been there. I was in touch with Diane DeGarmo for a while but have lost touch with her. Dayle Snoddy and Anita Boyle and I have kept in touch since junior hi.

It would be great if my brothers and I could be there together. Sadly, we don't keep in touch as we should. It's all their fault of course. They were class of 68 and 69? Dennis has two health gyms in Indiana and doing well at last report. Eric is a county sheriff and ready to retire. He did 20 years in the reserves and retired a few years back.

You have made a magnificent space. Mean it.

Would love to hear from some old lost classmates. Pam Davis and I were such good friends in school. I wonder where she is often.

06/07/09 07:46 PM #32    

Patti Jones (Huber) (1969)

I haven't had a chance to check in with the site lately. I've really been enjoying all the messages, they are really fun to read. I have such good memories of my high school years.
Oh, if only I looked like I did back when I was 17...

Patti Jones Huber

06/17/09 10:05 PM #33    


Terry Sweeney (1968)

As reported to me from Doug Stover (Class of 68)
I went into the navy as enlisted since I wanted to go Nuclear and I had no intention of making it a career. The Nuclear field was a 4+2 yr. stint since nuclear school alone was a 2 year deal. I left the Navy an E-6 and in those days (1977) my annual pay was $8,900/yr. Yikes! Since you were in, I am sure you experienced the same pay although all expenses were paid. My first year in commercial nuclear power plant my annual pay was $36,000. Additionally I went back to college and finished my engineering degree at Arizona State University paid for by Arizona Public Service Company and the USN.I stayed with APS and the nuclear field for 20 yrs. In 1997 I separated with retirement from APS for my own passion / my custom cabinet business which I recently sold that put me in the financial investment business. CDS Investments LLC. So currently, we are in Bermuda for 3 weeks enjoying our retirement and I have the laptop for any business communication. I was on two different nuclear submarines during my 6 years in the Navy. The SSBN-617, Alexander Hamilton and SSBN-633 Casmir Pulaski. I was on the "Gold crew" in the Engineering Department/Reactor Controls Division. The 633 boat was home based in New London, Ct but operated out of Holy Lock, Scotland. Our patrol cycle was 95 days home and 105 days gone. We operated somewhere in the North Atlantic and in the winter months the water temperature was 34 degrees F," quite cold". Since the submarine carried 16 Polaris missiles, it operated as an underwater launch platform off the coast of Russia. The mission is to remain undetected although we do know the Russian submarines are looking for the US submarines. Once in a while we did detect Russian "Foxtrot" and "Delta" submarines in our patrol area and usually they were followed by our "Fast Attack" submarines. The only close call we had at sea was the instance that the sub was at periscope depth of about 80 feet and for some reason the officer of the watch did not see the tanker ship bearing down on us. Once it was detected the collision eminent alarm was sounded and we went for an "E Ticket Ride", Powered Up and drove to deeper depths. Too close for comfort.

Tell Capt. Dean that submariners call his ship a Target. Enough said!!!! When a submariner gets in trouble or does not qualify they send them to a surface ship as punishment!!! Old submariner jokes!!! But true!!!!

OK, help me with instructions how to get to the Shakey's reunion pictures.(posted and free for the download) I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing all your photos!!!! Good job!!! Tells much of your life story. Thanks for all the Military service; it is really appreciated these days. You are welcome to share my journey with our MVHS friends on the message board or they can get an enhanced version especially over drinks.Ha Ha!

Your High School friend,


06/24/09 03:56 PM #34    

Patti Wilhelm (1971)

This has been a great trip for those of us who could not make the reunions I really do want to come. Hope one day I will. This is amazing and thank you Terry for all you've done to keep this going. Just learned some sad news that James Abubo passed in Feb class'71 He wrote me the day before he passed and I was wondering why he didn't write back.. I'm still in shock! I do love seeing all the messages and the names of everyone. Best Wishes all!

06/26/09 06:16 AM #35    

Peggy Moyer (Kile) (1969)

I was just sitting out my life on the farm with my family when I started thinking back on my life in the WILD DAYS!!!!! This is great!!!Will try to get in touch with some of you when I get the time...

08/20/09 01:35 PM #36    

Carol Tootell (Todd) (1967)

Wow lots of people I haven't seen or talked to since High School. I even saw Louis Trego mentioned! Haven't thought of him for years, wonder what happened to....

Keep up the great work. Hoping to learn what happened to my old buddy Sandi Jones (Harkins). If anyone knows drop me a line.

08/31/09 04:54 PM #37    

Chuck Seale (1969)


10/31/09 06:11 PM #38    

Karoline Keller (Kosloski) (1968)

Deborha, that's strange. I dated Marvin Miller once and David Stone once (it was a Stone, anyway). I knew Marvin died...I heard in 1969. Yes, it is sobering.
Anyway, I got on here to say I found Betty Sass. She lives in St.Pete, Michigan. She was class of 1969. I am still looking for Judy Saylor of the same class.
Great job, Terry!!!!

11/21/09 07:03 AM #39    

Bruce Rinaldi (1968)

Does anyone know where Jane Lay is?
Her married name at one time was Jane Rinaldi, my first wife.


Bruce Rinaldi

11/23/09 09:40 PM #40    

Rhonda Reed (Boyle) (1967)

First day on this website. I am impressed Terry!! Thank goodness for someone like you. Much better than classmates, although that is where I got this. Anyway, I see lots of names and people I haven't seen in ages. Was it really 42 years ago? Seeing the pics of MVHS really took me back. I can't wait to post some photos and hope more people will do that. It is so wonderful to see spouses and what we look like now. I didn't know about the reunion, but I would love to come to the next one. The last I attended was in 1990(?) I think... All I know is that Bill Bice, Sharon Simpson and I had a great time together. But, I was also divorced then...and younger! I could stay out all night and still be coherent the next day. Where are you Bill and Sharon?

11/24/09 06:32 AM #41    


Terry Sweeney (1968)

I do what I can, and I was very disatisfied with those other two. So I built this tailored it to our wants and desires. You will notice it is hassle free, No ads clogging up the screen, No-Cost and best of all it's all ours. I started with just the class of 68. Then my sis (66) said waht about me? then my lil sis (73) sent me some cheese to go along with her Whine so I added in the missing years as I have friends in the 66, 657, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, and 74 classes that heard about it and off we went. Now trhe later years ask about them -- so I extended it through the 1st 16 years so that it would take in all the siblings. And to think that this all started on the 24th of February this year! I have a total of 318 Active and 3946 Inactive, awaiting them to find the site. So far, I have had 5897 Home Page Visitors (but this number is actually higher because several people come in several times a day, but I only count them once in a 24-hour period. Activity really peaks interest when I do something new like my son going up the mountain and taking pictures for me of the "Big M", or me posting Senior Pictures (which is what I am doing now as they are sent in to me. I go to Classmates and send out messages to have you guys come over and see the site, about once or twice a month. In February, I plan a real intensive campaign to triple my numbers. I have info, emails, phone numbers, and addresses that total 940 more names (I would really like them to come on board.) Several classes asked about reunions but at present the closest one is our leaders in the class of '66 with theirs scheduled some time in 2011. '68 will have another one in 2013 and selected people in Colorado will have one in the Rockies in 2013 or 2014. Other classes want to join in ours because I always make it fun and you get your monies worth (Just ask Callie) I had a 3-day reunion at the Mission Inn and if you go to the photo pages you can see the time we had. If you have a chance to talk to your little sis, tell her I miss her and we don't have to wait until 2011, she needs to update her Profile because she has not seen this new and inproved site yet!! She used to email me all the time but seems to have gotten really busy or she won the Lotto and didn't tell us!

Got to go, it's 6:30 and I ahve been up all night doing photos for the class of 74 (what a big class!!)


11/26/09 07:09 AM #42    


Mark Brooks (1970)


Just got your Thanksgiving e-mail. Very well said Brother.


11/28/09 09:58 PM #43    


Terry Sweeney (1968)

I have moved these stories over here, because that page is getting renamed...
Stories from the Valley and other tales
While attending, Junior High at Alassandro, I observed several of the older students Picking up Mr. Mendiola’s Italian Car and hiding it from him on more than one occasion. Terry Sweeney ‘68’ — Verified by Mike Smith ‘66’ (yea, it was an Izetta!)
“Do you remember when Mr. Sawyer, left out of the class and grabbed two guys by the scruff of the neck for fighting and carried them off up to the office- Sure made me set up and pay attention the rest of the time in his math class!"" Terry Sweeney ‘68’ — Verified by Mike Smith ‘66’
“Did you ever see Harold Veum’s Letterman Sweater — Wow It looks as if he’s been here for 4-years all those stripes, hey wait a minute, I thought Jr High was only going to be for two years?” Terry Sweeney ‘68’ —Verified by (Karen Sweeney Malapit)‘66’
“I got kicked out of Frau Reyna's German class. I was up at the blackboard trying to explain a story that Moberg and I had written that had very little to do with the German Language. I was having some difficulty trying to explain our paper, when out of the back Louie Trego said."I bet he'd get it right if Cindy Johnson was here!" I took offense to his remark and told him to mind his own business. I was asked to retract my remark; I wouldn't and was promptly sent outside to lean against the wall. Moberg followed me shortly and we both were in the principal’s office that day. Now, Cindy and I were just friends, never dated, nothing. Who would have guessed that in 2006 we would be married?” Mike Moore ‘66’ —Verified by (Cindy (Johnson) Moore ‘67’

12/29/09 01:18 AM #44    

Benny "Ben" Reese (1971)

What a great site Terry! Very interesting to read the stories from the groupies of 68. I was a Sophomore then and I actualy think I was in German class when Mike got thrown out of class that day he talks about in his post. As I said in other places I was on the Mr. Mendiola watch list and had several opportunities to drive the golf cart. How was i supposed to know it wasnt there for me to use? Wish I would see some postings by the average folks. Maybe that will happen. Terry is doing a super job of making this site user friendly and reaching out to everyone. Thanks bro! I will try to get some pics posted soon. No one will recognize me....I promise. BTW...who was the guy from class of 70 or 71 that ended up in the Air Force and became a cook?! I ran into them at the Clark Air Base Flight Terminal as I was heading to Thailand in 72. What a shock that get a box lunch from one of the biggest jocks in high school. I hope he is well and happy. Hope everyone had a great holiday. You know what I miss most!? 18 cent a gallon gas from the 7/11 near the steak house and the old 5 and dime on hiway 395. And throwing rocks through the windows of that old house at the top of Day or Bay St in Edgemont with Tim Vizthum. We were quite the skinny little monsters when we attended Edgemont Elementary near the race track. Tim's sister is the one who actually got me to this site. Thanks sis. Sometimes I may sound a little bitter about my times at MVHS but I assure you that the good out wieghed the bad and I know in my heart that those yrs had a lot to do with making me the person I am today. YES! the worldest greatest BSer and most bad azzest Fire Chief!...So they tell me. LOL Thanks to all that did not help toss me in garbage cans. And to Mona Jackson for being so kind to me. To Ted Hart for all the rides to school when my Chevy and Kawasaki were broke (most of the time), to the Cole Brothers for teaching me so much about cars, to Coach Hunt for teaching me to drive (when he was awake), to German class for making me appreciate the finer things in a womans figure...(dont ask), to Randy for almost getting me out of trouble on Home Comming Night by hiding me in his car, to Mona's cousin for being a sport, to all the tough guys for making me tough, to the Art Teacher for not letting Mr. Mendiola suspend me a 3rd time, to the typing teacher for letting a young boy pass her class and learning enough to be a pretty damned good typer, to auto shop where I seemed to actually fit in without selling my soul, to Coach Hunt for simply being a great role model, etc, etc, etc.... THANKS TO YOU ALL! Oh...and thanks to my Mom & Dad: Chief & Mrs Ben Reese... Any of you that had the opportunity to meet my Dad remember that he was a crusty hard nose Sgt who loved the Air Force. He died 1 Jan 1995 the way real men do. I shit you not! In his arm chair with the TV remote locked in his hands. He was a great NCO and I loved him very much. My mom is well and living in ALABAMA!? OK...It's 3AM...what can I tell you....I couldnt sleep. I will say bye for now. Have to get ready to go to work soon.
Benny...Reese, Grease, Reesy Cup, Ben Gay, pick your poison....It's all good...

12/30/09 10:26 AM #45    

James Michael Myers (1973)


12/30/09 08:59 PM #46    

Teresa Ann Thornton (Now Chunestudy) (1974)

Great Site! Thanks so much for doing this! Hey any one know where Ron Griffin went? Or his older brother Jim? He was one of my neighbors, I can't remember if he was class of 75 or 76, I was class of 74!
All those who remember the yellow street paint at the end of the year, stand up and say YO! Don't worry they sand blasted it off, and the statute of limitations has run out! LOL! Did Mr Mendiola's golf cart ever run again? I'm still wondering how they got it out of the deep end? :) Or how about the trip to Ontario Airport to play for the president?

01/01/10 05:06 PM #47    

Benny "Ben" Reese (1971)

Where in heck did you get that old pic of me? Looks like a year book pic but I didnt get a senior book because I was in basic training when they came out...

01/04/10 09:19 AM #48    


Terry Sweeney (1968)

Ben It is a year book photo and you will see more in the future.

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