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Stephen Goodwin - Class Of 1968

Stephen Goodwin

Steve Goodwin class of 1968 past away in the Seattle, WA area on 11/15/15 at 4:00 PM of heart failure. Steve was a member of the Moreno Valley H.S. football program and track team. He spent a short time at RCC and then joined the U.S.Army, transferred to the Texas Nat'l Guard, and later joined the U.S. Navy. He is survived by his son Aaron, daughter in law, two grand children, 4 brothers, and one sister. services will be held in Kent Washington 

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11/17/15 11:13 AM #4    

Tom Breitkreuz (1968)

I am very sad to hear of the passing of Steve.  He was a great football player and good team mate. He was always positive and gave his all to the game and to the school.  He will be missed.

11/17/15 03:17 PM #5    

Dennis Albert (1968)

It is sad to hear of Steve's passing and my heartfelt condolances go out to his family.  We became close friends when I moved to Warner Ranch after my father was transfered to March AFB from Okinawa. in 1963.  We were teammates on the football team and I remember Steve being a great punter of course he played other positions just as well, but thank goodness we had Steve as a punter as I cannot for the life of me think would have been punting had it not been for Steve.

I also remember going to his home and being offered Rattlesnake meat that Steve and Royce would hunt in the foothills by Warner Ranch.  I was not open to giving it a try even though Steve told me that it tasted just like chicken, yea right.  I have never tried rattlesnake but if given the opportunity in rememberance of Steve I will give it a shot.  Go Vikings!!!

11/17/15 06:04 PM #6    

Jim Scott (1968)

Like all those that knew Steve, I am saddened to hear of his passing.  He was an exceptional athelete and all around wonderful person.  He was one of those persons that you wanted to be around and someone you wanted to have as a friend.  Like others, I lost touch with Steve after graduation but periodically thought of him and his whereabouts.  My sincere condolences to his family.



11/18/15 08:18 AM #7    

Jim Bartlett (1968)

Steve was my best buddy throughout high school and into early adulthood. We wrote often and shared much of our lives. Then, as life so often does, we lost contact and went on to have other lives. Steve was a great guy. In my minds eye he will always be young and full of humor and happiness. His passing has hit me hard. God bless his soul and my condolences to his whole family. You are gone, my friend, but you will never be forgotten.

11/18/15 07:19 PM #8    

Royce Goodwin (1966)

To everyone who commented about my brother Steve. Thank you. We were close because of our line in the family tree. He was a great person, and liked everyone he knew. Thanks again!


11/18/15 07:21 PM #9    

Royce Goodwin (1966)



11/18/15 07:37 PM #10    

John Baldaray (1968)

So sorry to hear about Steve. I often wondered how he was. My memory of Steve was playing football. He played defensive end and much of the time I played behind him at cornerback. Those were great and fun times. He was a good athlete and one nice guy.  My condolences to the Goodwin family.

11/19/15 03:56 AM #11    

Piermario "Ringo" Corino (1968)

I am very sorry to hear about Steve Goodwin.I remember him as a nice and kind guy.he helped me whenever I needed in my year in Moreno Valley.I feel close to his family.Piermario Ringo Corino

07/17/16 12:37 PM #12    

Tony Metcalf (1969)

Dear Goodwin Family,

Steve was one of my first friends when we moved to Warner Ranch, on Juanita Ave. We spent alot of hours exploring the neighborhood, fields and hills. He was such a kind person. My condolences to his family and friends. Thank you, Steve.    Tony




10/22/16 06:15 PM #13    

Anita Harrison (Cook) (1971)

Memories, where do I begin. This news was like a kick in the head. As I explain you will understand . Steve was the big brother to 5 sisters along with Royce and the rest of the family. We called his parents Grandma G and Grandpa G, they saved my hide plenty when I was young. As we grew up and became closer Steve was our go to, take me here can we get that and not a weekend went by that one of us wasn't plopped at the table or with sibling mischievous poking fun. We participated in family get together and went camping, worked along side Grandma G at the fruit stands. He was my brother.., I grew up, they moved, we lost contact, but he was never far from my thoughts him and all his family. I thank you Terry for having this web site so we can stay in touch and discover all who have been and gone. Royce, I am heartbroken to hear this sad sad news, Iknow it must have been hard and still is I imagine. We may not have kept in touch but the love runs deeper then time can destroys. I will continue to think of you all as family and pray time will heal the loss. I'm sorry for your loss, I am sorry that I didn't try to stay connected. Rest In Peace big brother, the Harrison girls will remember you always! Anita Harrison

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